Can DFC provide references?

References are available up on request.

Does someone need to be home?

DFC allows you to chose. All keys held by us are tagged so they will match up with any paperwork we hold.

Please note, the keys will be kept in a safe and will only be handed to the team on the days required.

How can I pay DFC?

DFC accepts payments in cash, cheque or standing order.

Is DFC insured?

Yes. We have public liability insurance. Our insurance policy will cover any accidental damage to your property caused by a member of our staff up to a value of £1 million.

When are invoice payments due?

Payments are to be paid on the day the service is provided.

Will cleaning equipment be provided?

In one word, yes. DFC will provide all cleaning supplies, as well as equipment. Unless, of course, the customer requests otherwise.

Will the team be the same each visit?

Yes as we know how important it is to have someone you know and trust cleaning your premises.